Government Wants To Install Gender Neutral Bathrooms In Our HOMES

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SURPRISE: The U.S. government once again wants to force their liberal agenda down our throats.  

You may remember the recent left-wing obsession with gender neutral bathrooms in public spaces. Now the government is trying to say that we need to have gender neutral bathrooms in our HOMES. Are you fucking kidding me?!

This is how government overreach starts. First they do it in a Target, and then they do it in your home. This is a textbook example of a slippery slope and right now, we’re TUMBLING down the mountain.

My home is my own private property and where I live, we only have TWO bathrooms for TWO genders: Male and feMale. I use the male bathroom because 1) I’m a MAN and 2) I wouldn’t even know how to use a woman’s bathroom. I have NO idea what they got in there (and I don’t wish to find out!!)

You see, liberals worship these “transgenders” like gods even though, NEWS FLASH: God was born a MAN and you know He was big into being His own gender because His only child was JESUS another MAN who was also Himself. So God doubled down on His own gender, which is something we should all admire about HIM.*

My wife and three daughters use the women’s restroom in my home. I do NOT want these sickos going in there vomiting and jerking off all over my three beautiful daughters.

I have never even MET a transgender person and I’m guessing you haven’t either even though  the average person meets upwards of TEN THOUSAND people over the course of their entire lives. It is obvious at this point that these “transgenders” are government agents working to take away our rights, especially on our own hard-earned land.

FURTHERMORE: I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE TO SHARE A BATHROOM WITH MY WIFE AND DAUGHTERS.Too many male safe spaces are being DESTROYED. Like when my daughter Ashley was born and we turned my man cave into her new bedroom. Men need their alone time and we need to keep these things SEPARATE.

So if every time I have to pee, there is some government agent lording over me with some penis they stole from a red-blooded American man, how the hell am I supposed to feel safe in my own home?! I urge you, TruthBangers, to think about that.


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