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WOW! President Donald J. Trump just announced his new pick to replace DISGRACED Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor and HOLY SHIT this guy seems PERFECT.

Introducing the mysterious but incredible “Pladimir Vutin”.

Let’s take a look at the facts:

  • This guy has apparently been working with The Donald for a VERY LONG TIME!
  • He is a huge fan of the U.S.A. working and making right with our allies in RUSSIA!
  • He has lots of experience with spying and apparently really loves INTELLIGENCE!
  • Everyone we speak to likes him so much they TEAR UP when talking about him!
  • Says he knows all our security flaws so he will definitely be able to FIX THEM!
  • He says he wants to start a war with the MEDIA!
  • He has a SICK MUSTACHE that demands RESPECT!
  • He’s white!

I’m very excited to see what this American Patriot is able to do to make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Comments

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