Famously Biased Liberal News Site Breitbart CANS Milo

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WHAT A SURPRISE: Legendary liberal media empire BREITBART NEWS has fired alt right hero Milo Yiannopoulos for comments he made (protected under the Constitution of the United States) about adults having sex with children.

First and foremost, Truth Bang does NOT support pedophilia (although we do believe that people are only important once they get to military age). But this is an issue about Free Speech and that is something I will defend until my death.

Breitbart is a well known bastion for liberal thinkers to go to push their sickening beliefs.

For example, you can see them constantly use the word “Muslim” in their articles, in an attempt to normalize radical religions, instead of the more accurate term “The Enemy”. This kind of left-wing propaganda is directly out of line with Truth Bang’s (and Milo’s) more American view of FREE SPEECH.

Milo and Breitbart was a match that always seemed destined to end sooner rather than later.

Conservative writers at any news outlet are on borrowed time, but that goes doubly for one that chooses to write for the PC WORD POLICE over at Breitbart (who has often referred to Transgendered individuals as “people”—gross!)

Let this be a lesson to you free thinkers out there that nowhere in the liberal media is safe for us to express our beliefs: especially that George Soros funded garbage called Breitbart. Comments

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