FREEDOM OF SPEECH? President Trump Limited To 140 Characters On Twitter

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Ever since kicking off noted FREE SPEECH and anti-PEDOPHILE activist Milo, Twitter has become the leader of the loony left in SILENCING those who disagree with them.

This latest example is even more disgusting because it involves a straight guy.

The people’s President, Donald J. Trump, is being limited to a MEAGER 140 characters on Twitter.


These digital handcuffs Twitter has put on our dear leader are only there because they are terrified of the damage Donald J. Trump could do to the liberal digital knob slobbers over at Silicon Valley if he was allowed to say whatever he wants at any length he deems necessary.

Who are these software humpers to say they know better than the President about how long a tweet should be? I’d say The Donald should use the government to seize their assets but the morons at Twitter are so bad at business they don’t have any! Why don’t you and Uber go stand in a corner and jerk off to the newest iPad that is melting your brain with preloaded UN propaganda.


You don’t get to tell the President what to do.

What is so hard to understand about that, you privileged robot groupies? The man who decides what rights we have should be allowed to do whatever he wants. That’s how the Presidency works. You don’t get to limit the President unless he is a Democrat and a traitor (Which are the same thing)

Maybe you gear heads didn’t get that software update back in 1776 because your beta male ancestors were too busy bending over for the British and calling biscuits crumpets.


Actually, you know what?


Exactly 141 characters, you liberal USB fuckers. Censor THAT.

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