EXPOSED: These CUCKS Are Sleeping With My Wife

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DISGUSTING: Leftist cuck FREAKS have infiltrated my HOME—MY BED—and SEDUCED my beautiful wife Karen, brainwashing her into saying it’s because I’m a “TERRIBLE HUSBAND.”

It takes a real CUCK to sleep with another man’s wife.

I should have known. The Left has been trying to embarrass me ever since  I posted a 6,000 word manifesto on an internet forum about the importance of exposing the fluoride I put in my own drinking water.

But I NEVER expected them to send a bunch of musky, hyper-masculine CUCKS to redistribute MY private property!!

Because YES, my wife Caren IS my property. It says so in the BIBLE and also in the wedding vows I secretly altered on the day of our ceremony. She was mad about that at first, but she calmed down after I sent her off for private yoga lessons with some libtard guy during our honeymoon.


That’s the secret to marriage, fellas – whenever my wife gets angry with me for going on all-night stakeouts of pizza parlors, she takes yoga lessons. Sometimes two or three times a day! And she always comes home with that flushed, giddy expression of MARITAL SANCTITY that men EXPECT from their wives, like my beautiful Karin.

BUT IT’S ALL OVER! Sexy Marxist CUCKS have ruined my marriage. And for all I know, they’ve turned my wife into a CUCK as well.

I know how to get to the bottom of it all. My wife suggested I sit and watch while she makes CUCK with her friends Malcolm and Craig, and in the name of INDEPENDENT RESEARCH, I’ll do it. I’ll watch closely, inches from the action, as those CUCKS humiliate and emasculate me. And when it’s over and their defenses are depleted, I’ll clean up and DEMAND to know which liberal think-tank hired them!!

The thought of witnessing the truth EXCITES ME in a way I don’t understand, but here’s what I DO understand: I would let THE WHOLE WORLD fuck my wife Coron if it meant I could die un-CUCKED!!

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