JOB CREATOR IN CHIEF: The President Just Created Thousands Of Military Jobs In A Single Day

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Worried about the War in Syria?? Not if you’re one of the people desperate for a new missile-launching job!! DONALD TRUMP PULLED THROUGH.

President Donald Trump is a MAN (I gendered that word INTENTIONALLY) of his word, so when he said he was going to create more jobs for Americans struggling to find work, you KNEW he was going to do something amazing.

And today he did just that. By raining missiles down on the Islamic hellhole known as Syria, President Trump just created thousands of new military jobs for real patriots.

(Cucks need not apply, we know how much you liberal morons love Islam. If you didn’t think it was cultural appropriation Williamsburg would be filled with Bernie Bros wearing turbans).

FINALLY: The mercenary industry will be BOOMING!


So you know what? I HOPE THERE IS A DRAFT! I want ALL THOSE LYING LIBERALS to be FORCED into cool new jobs so they know how great President Trump is at providing for them. Personally, I have bad eyesight so I can’t be drafted but I’m pretty JEALOUS of those cucks who will do something patriotic for once: die for this country.

Critics of Trump say that he is just following in the footsteps of past Presidents who got bogged down in wars in the Middle East that never end. What they don’t understand is that IS TRUMPS WHOLE PLAN. Donald Trump is an innovator and he saw that the best place to add new jobs was in the military and those jobs are gonna last 10, maybe even 20 years (If we are so lucky).

So guess what, libcuckdemoncrats: The chess board just added fifty new dimensions. And it’s White’s move.

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