CHECKMATE: If Bush REALLY Did 9/11, Trump Would Have Told Us By Now

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We’re almost 100 days into Trump’s presidency and so far we have heard NOTHING from President Donald J Trump about Bush dong 9/11, confirming once and for all that it’s IMPOSSIBLE THAT HE DID.

A lot of idiots think former (failure) President George W. Bush orchestrated 9/11 himself but there is absolutely no way President Trump would be able to hold in that information without DESTROYING that moron on national television it was true.

Think about it: if someone in the Trump administration came up to The Donald and told him he could make Jeb Bush cry on national television, do you think Trump has it in him to say no to such an opportunity?! Sorry libtards, there’s absolutely NO WAY that could have happened.


Here are some potential alternatives that explain who did 9/11:

  • Osama Bin Laden actually did 9/11. (0% probability)
  • Jews did 9/11 and Trump doesn’t want to upset Jared Kushner. (20% probability)
  • Aliens did 9/11 but Trump hasn’t said anything because he doesn’t want them to know that we know. (50% probability)
  • Hitler traveled to the future just before he died and HE did 9/11 but Trump hasn’t said anything because he still plans on traveling to the past to stop Hitler before he could ever do such a thing to the U.S.A. (80% probability)
  • Boxing promoter Don King did 9/11 (99% probability)

So there you have it. To be honest, the idea that George W. Bush did 9/11 is so absurd because the guy couldn’t even orchestrate stealing oil from a buncha dumb idiots in Iraq. I bet if he did 9/11, he’d be bragging about it all the time and everyone would know. That’s what Trump would do. Because his 9/11 would be 4D chess and it would be brilliant and it would be huge and it would be better than anyone’s.

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