Debate OVER: There Are Only TWO Genders and SIX Planets

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These leftist Nazi science CUCKS are trying to say there are MORE THAN TWO GENDERS and now they’re even trying to PASS OFF EXTRA PLANETS on us like we are a bunch of morons.

This is science, OKAY?! There are only six planets: Mercury, Earth, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto. That’s it. Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus are FAKE NEWS. To protect you all from being cucked back into thinking these things are planets, let me give you the facts.

Venus is clearly not a planet. Who would name a planet Venus? They want to tell you that it is named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty Venus. But we all know that there is only ONE God, the Christian one. So how did they get the name Venus? Look at the word: V, E, N, U, and S. Looks a lot like the word penis. Clearly, the liberal scientist community, trying to push the regressive leftist agenda, took the good, manly word penis and emasculated it by changing the P to a V, the first letter in the word VAGINA. And then, to really cover their tracks, they changed the I to a U. It fooled most people, but not TruthBang.


Jupiter is also fake. Phonetically, it sounds like JEW-piter. JEW? Hmmm. Jupiter is just a ploy by the Jewish media conspiracy to push their leftist Jewish agenda on our Christian planet.

Uranus? Give me a break. It sounds like “your anus.” A clear push by the rainbow brigade to push their gay agenda on our very HETEROSEXUAL Planet. A first grader could have pointed out that fact to you. Obviously it’s fake.

So the debate is over: TWO GENDERS AND SIX PLANETS. This is the end of the discussion and anyone else who says otherwise is a stupid science cuck. Stay on your toes, my fellow truth seekers, because this cancerous liberal agenda is everywhere and needs to be stopped.

For more information about SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS DESTROYING OUR SCIENCE, follow on Facebook at Lizard People of NY or Twitter @realTruthBang.


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