TEACH IT TO OUR KIDS: Liberal Curriculum Forces My Son to Dissect GAY FROGS

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We told you it would happen. WE SAW IT COMING. But no, the liberal, left-wing, cuck-supported, cuck-endorsed, leftist thug FEDERAL-FUNDED media wouldn’t listen. Now, here we are: they are teaching it to our kids.

Yesterday, my son told me he was forced by his “teacher” to dissect a GAY FROG.

At which point, I assume, my son’s “teacher” gleefully explained that GAY FROGS are just like any other FROG — totally equal and should be treated as such — likely leaving out the FACT that the WATER turned them into FROGGETS which is the ONLY explanation for such DEVIANT SEXUAL FROG BEHAVIOR.

These disgusting Backlickers are presented side by side with nice, wholesome, straight American Pepes. And you know what? OF COURSE THEY ARE.

When people are forced to apologize for The Bible just because it says “A Gay Frog Should Not Lie With Another Gay Frog” and the sanctity of tadpoles is being corrupted by government mind control drugs, anything is possible in this modern day Cuck Paradise we call the United States of SODOM and GOMORRAH.


If you wanna live in SIN (California or New York) with the rest of your gay frogs, dolphins, and unicorns, be my fucking guest. But as soon as you INVADE the rest of the UNITED STATES EDUCATION SYSTEM by making our children DISSECT your gross frog bellies filled with gay frog semen, we need to TAKE A STAND.

And that’s the note my son is going to take to his teacher at school tomorrow.

For more information about this LIBERALS INDOCTRINTING OUR CHILDREN follow on Facebook at Lizard People of NY or Twitter @realTruthBang. #GayFrogWeek


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