WARNING: Chemicals in the Water Could Turn CRAZY FROG Gay and… Wait… OH MY GOD IS THAT HIS WIENER?!

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Let’s be clear here: The world Governments have put Chemicals in the water that are proven to convert frogs to homosexuals in part of their GAY CONVERSION AGENDA.


Innocent, unsuspecting frogs, such as “Crazy Frog”, shown here, are now being made victims of a reckless and unchecked Shadow Government, This Crazy Frog is now CRAZY for COCK!

Hold on… zoom in.

Holy Shit? Is that Crazy Frog’s Dick?

It… it is! Jesus H. Christ, CRAZY FROG HAS A PENIS!

I mean, this is probably a great metaphor for how the Chemtrails in the water are changing the orientation of species. After being exposed, the water would alter Crazy Frog’s brain chemistry, and suddenly they find themselves aroused, sexually speaking, by their own gender, and Crazy Frog will get an… erect penis, which everyone will see because, FOR SOME REASON, they gave Crazy Frog’s design a penis!



It’s a silly cartoon frog! For kids! I can’t decide what disgusts me more: A conspiracy to spread the GAY AGENDA through our water supply or an artistic decision to give CRAZY FROG A PENIS AND SCROTUM!

We now have a bigger problem, America! The CHEMICALS may be turning the FROGS GAY, but Crazy Frogs REVEALED PENIS is probably turning the KIDS GAY!

For more information about CRAZY FROG’S TINY PENIS follow on Facebook at Lizard People of NY or Twitter @realTruthBang. #GayFrogWeek


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