GAY FROG AGENDA: This Famous Homosexual Frog Has Been Indoctrinating Kids For Decades

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This gay-frog-chemical fiasco may go back EVEN FURTHER THAN WE THOUGHT.

New evidence shows that Looney Tunes cast member and WB spokesanimal Michigan J. Frog may have been teaching our youth to love the DECADENT GAY LIFESTYLE since the Eisenhower administration.

This heinous frog first appeared in the 1955 Looney Tunes short One Froggy Evening. I can’t say this is a surprise. Looney Tunes is no stranger to depravity. The organization has showcased all sorts of GODLESS DISPLAYS, like the interspecies love triangle between a man, a rabbit, and a virile young duck. JUST A FEW OF MANY OTHERS AWFUL SEXUALLY CHARGED ANIMALS.

Some of you truth seekers are rightly asking, “Mr. Ben, how do you know the nefarious Michigan J. Frog is GAY?”


First, you might notice the frog’s love of musical theater. He sings, dances, and acts! Straight men can only do at most TWO of those three things. A triple threat is actually a QUADRUPLE threat (where the fourth threat is CONTAGIOUS HOMO SEXUALITY). Also, one might notice the frog’s middle name is “J.” One of only three letters that rhymes with gay!!! SNEAKY.


During the Clinton years, this terrible frog was even the face of the WB, a network aimed at VULNERABLE TEENS. The goal, I assume, was to soften THE TEENS up with Dawson’s Creek, then, BAM, our flamboyant amphibian queen shows up and makes them gay!

Thankfully the frog’s reign is over now. I CAN ONLY SAY SO MUCH, BUT: it is not coincidence that the WB shut down shortly after 9/11.

So what does it mean for us today? Well, Truth Fans… I worry this 1950s evidence shows us we may be TOO LATE. How long has this travesty been going on???

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