TRAGIC: France Votes to Remain the Gayest Country

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Some things will just never change. Yesterday, France decisively voted to remain the Gayest Country on Earth.

The historically cuckold nation first managed to find a guy who was less of a man than the woman he was running against, and then went ahead and voted for him anyways.

Say what you want about the legitimacy of female leadership, but at least Marine Le Pen had the common sense to know that the globalist, gay, and Muslim agenda threatens the very foundation of the Western world — freedom and democracy, ideas that the French famously stole from America.

Here’s all you need to know about France’s new president, Emmanuel Macron: he married a woman who is twenty-four years his senior. I’m not saying that raises questions about his sexuality, but folks, I think it answers some. Also, his wife teaches literature in Paris, which is the gayest job on earth.



Fortunately, France is a nation of pussies and they can’t do anything to us. I mean have these guys ever won a war? Seriously, any type of war at any point in history. Even just an imperialist conquest on their own continent. You’d have to be a moron to think they have.

With that being said, I never stopped calling them freedom fries but if you did it’s time to start doing that again.

America is in good hands. I fully expect Macron to wet himself if he ever has the courage to meet with President Trump. Still, given the nefarious nature of the globalist, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to arm the Statue of Liberty — the ultimate symbol of isolationist American nationalism. An AR-15 should suffice.

I’ll close by saying this directly to the people of France: if you ever find yourselves up against a powerful nation led by some sort of insane reactionary dictator… don’t expect our help this time.

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