PROOF! Hollywood CONSPIRES To Release TERRIBLE MOVIES To Put Spotlight On Trump

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The entertainment elite that make up Hollywood love to take any chance they can to get away from what WE pay them to do and instead interfere in OUR political system.

But this new scheme is even more disgusting than usual.

TruthBang has uncovered evidence the paid shills and globalist cronies in Hollywood are purposefully releasing terrible movies so that people stay home and watch the mainstream media hatchet job on this nation’s 45th President, Donald J. Trump.


Take a look at “Monster Trucks”: a movie about a MONSTER that lives in a TRUCK. Do you think we are idiots?! Clearly that movie was made with the sole purpose of providing zero distraction from the 24/7 media blitz that is designed to undermine our new President.

As we all know, the leftist movie moguls (who have their hands in more than just the entertainment business—hint: PIZZA) usually make films to distract the masses from the actions of their friends: the shadowy power brokers who really run this country.

However, sometimes the “powers-that-be” want the entire country focused on one story so that their media spin gets the most amount of views possible. Something Hollywood has been more than happy to help with by creating truly unoriginal crap that is meant to purposefully keep people out of the theaters.

This is literally the only possible explanation for a horror film called “The Bye Bye Man.”

Seriously, Hollywood? Could you be a more eager participant in the intellectual slavery of mankind? Being more than happy to lose tens of millions of dollars on absolute garbage just so your corporate masters get to carve up a little bit more of the planet.

Well, it won’t work. And don’t even fucking TRY to release that all female reboot of Ocean’s 11 about “Danny Ocean’s sister” with the likes of sex-crazed RIHANNA. We already VOTED AGAINST your all female reboot of the White House so don’t even THINK we’re OK with an all female THE EXPENDABLES—obvious drek meant to keep us from the theaters and forcing our attention onto your media takedown of American hero Steve Bannon.

That is why I call on you, Patriot, to go see these abysmal movies. Don’t fall for the trap. Take your family to see “A Dog’s Purpose” and reserve tickets for “Barbie” starring Amy Schumer, knowing you saw through the charade and beat Hollywood at its own game. Comments

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