All Conspiracy Theories Are Made Up By POWERFUL CABAL Of Companies That Sell RED STRING

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That’s what real independent researchers do: “follow the money.” But do we ever actually stop to think about who is making money off of conspiracy theories themselves?

That’s right: almost every single conspiracy theory you know is an invention of corporations like Staples, Michael’s Arts and Crafts Store, and Pottery Barn, trying to sell you pins, strings, and cork boards.


Every time you come up with a new false flag-holding person you think was “behind” 9/11 (we already solved this back in 2004: it was boxing promoter Don King), all you’re doing is giving in to the greedy companies who gave you that idea so you can spend more and more money on your new arts and crafts project. I know, because it happened to me.

You have to go to their store. You have to print out photos on their premium paper. You have to buy their scotch tape, their ink, and their markers. And on top of that, you have to do it all for a measly 5% off all purchases with your Staples credit card — who, by the way, is selling your personal information to all sorts of governments (more on that in a later post).

It’s a never-ending cycle that is purposefully designed to keep you ignorant of what is really going while also keeping tabs on people who are a little too curious.

YOU GUESSED IT: these companies have secret lists of everyone who buys pins, cork boards, and red string.

So DON’T FALL for the trappings of aggressive CORPORATISM that targets so-called conspiracy theorists. Stop being a sheep and/or using products made from wool, like those premium strings sold by our friends at Wal-Mart.

TruthBang apologizes for how long it took us to publish this hard-hitting information about independent researchers We desperately tried to gather our information without the use of these arts and crafts products but kept getting horribly confused by all the different players. At one point, we were even pretty convinced that we were behind this conspiracy. It was quite the mess.



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