FAKE NEWS: If Black Lives MATTER Why Do The Police Keep Killing Them?

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SURPRISE: The regressive social Marxist progressive agenda is DEAD WRONG again!

Over the past few years leftist propaganda outlets have been disseminating this tired lie, brainwashing our children to believe black lives matter. Look I’m no Harvard professor of African American Studies (or other MADE UP DEGREES) but even I can poke holes in this sick logic – if black lives mattered so much, why would the police keep killing black people?!

This is the DEFINITION of fake news, people! Media outlets CLAIM that black lives matter but the concrete, verifiable evidence shows something quite different.

FACT: Unarmed black men are STATISTICALLY more likely to die by a Police officer’s gun than white men!

Well we know for a fact that white lives matter, history has proven such. Our lives matter a lot. How are we supposed to believe that black lives matter if they are clearly valued so far beneath that of white people?! Where there’s smoke, there’s fire folks. Can thousands of police officers be mistaken? Ever since Officer O’Malley came to my school in the 4th grade promoting D.A.R.E. I knew cops could literally never be wrong be anything.

FACT: Black people are put in PRISON at a higher rate than white people, even when they commit the same crimes!

Who goes to prison? Uhh….CRIMINALS. Here’s a quick math lesson: 

FACT: 44 of the past 45 United States Presidents have been WHITE

The President is basically God but for America. Black people make up 12% of the population but only make up 2.2% of all Presidents and we only elected the black guy 8 years ago (And then immediately went back to another white guy!) Sorry snowflakes, that’s just the numbers!

NEWS FLASH LIBERALS: The facts are in and we’re not buying your propaganda anymore! Black lives DO NOT matter, clearly. The evidence is on our side not yours! Comments

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