9 Hot New Alt-Right Code Words to Use When You Mean “Jews”

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We all know about ‘Hollywood types’ and ‘international bankers’, but they’re a bit played out. Check out the hot new slang you can use to talk about (((them))):

Matzoh Man Randy Savage:

A Jewish professional wrestler. “Did you see Aaron in the cage match last night?” “Yeah! That guy’s a real Matzoh Man Randy Savage


Shabbat Slalom:

A Jewish skier. “Rachel just got into alpine six months ago but she’s already a real Shabbat Slalom at it”


Mel Brooks Brothers:

Two well-dressed Jewish guys who can crack a joke. “Those Mel Brooks brothers had me rolling, and they looked sharp in their affordable formal wear!”


Rosh Hashanah-mon:

When a number of Jewish people give plausible accounts of the same event, but their inconsistencies radically change individual culpability in the incident. “As the local lord it’s my prerogative to convene an inquiry into the events that happened in the woods today, but these guys are really giving me a Rosh Hashanah-mon about it.”


Barbra Streisand as Yentl:

Should Barbra Streisand ever reprise her star turn as Yentl, be ready! “Wow! The raw artistry of Barbra Streisand as Yentl proves why she’s still one of the greats!”



This is what I call my neighbor Dan. He doesn’t even know it’s code! “Hey Dan, how was your weekend?”



When someone is Jewish, but also something else. “Wait, Internationally famous rapper Aubrey “Drake” Graham is Jewish? I had no idea he was a Menorah-T.”


Shofar Sho good:

A good way to describe Josh Gad’s career. “A star of stage and screen at such a young age! Wow, his career really is Shofar sho good.”


Seinfeld of Dreams:

A Jewish person who was funny 20 years ago who everyone hopes will be funny again some day. “Remember his sitcom? It was great! He’ll do something that good again. I see it in my Seinfeld of Dreams.”



Anyway, I hope you can use some of these in your everyday conversation. Keep the TRUTH BANGIN’. Comments

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