FALSE FLAG: All Of The People Involved In The Oscars Screw Up Were ACTORS

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Everyone is flipping out about this supposed “OSCARS SCREW UP” but if you have been paying attention, it is easy to see that this whole thing was orchestrated by PROFESSIONAL ACTORS.

We all know that the government is behind every single disaster from 9/11 to Sandy Hook. So when I saw the Oscars screw up the Best Picture award, I immediately started scanning the stage when I noticed that it was FILLED with CRISIS ACTORS.

That’s right, those presenters for Best Picture are actually well known actors working for the government. I’ve seen the work of those two for decades: they’ve played so many different roles that I can’t even begin to name all of them. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that when the government wanted to set up a false flag at the Oscars, they’d pick some real award winning actors to do their dirty work and try to convince us this was all an accident.

In fact, take a look at everyone on stage! Actors, directors, producers, camera operators! Wake UP!!! These events are clearly concocted LIES.



It is not a coincidence that one of the most high profile mistakes on TV this year just so happened to have a stage filled with actors on it. Those people were planted there and created this whole thing so that we get distracted by this and ignore the fantastic job Donald Trump is doing as President.

So please ignore this INSIDIOUS plan from the LIBTARDS and LIBCUCKS in Hollywood who are desperate for attention and willing to make up any sort of “tragedy” to strum up support. Disgusting!


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