WHAT ARE THEY PLANNING? Documents Suggest FEMA Is Preparing For A Major Disaster

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CIA, FBI, TNT—if it’s an acronym, it’s DANGEROUS.

So no surprises when I tell you the latest details on a so-called “homeland security” agency known as FEMA. The group has been out of the news for a decade since their mysterious involvement with Hurricane (inside job?) Katrina. Their mission statement is murky, but TRUTH BANG has finally gotten ahold of some documentation REVEALING THE COLD, OBJECTIVE FACTS.

Based on materials posted to “fema.gov” (NEVER VISIT GOVT SITES WITHOUT A PROXY, TOR BROWSER, AND ASK.COM TOOLBAR PLUGIN) the agency claims it is working on “disaster assistance.”

Let that sink in, FANS OF FREEDOM. The government is ASSISTING with the planning and enactment of DISASTERS. On the FEMA site, they list all kinds of terrible, biblical things: Ice Storms! Fires! Tornados! Is this an actual admission of the long suspected notion that governments control the weather?

They even claim they are, “prepared for NUCLEAR incidents.” God help us.


So what’s the NEXT MOVE? Spending reports retrieved through the FREEDOM of Information Act (if you can even believe them!) show that FEMA is stockpiling shelf-stable food, water, and blankets. Perhaps the next American “disaster” will be a shortage of food, water, and down comforters?

President TRUMP says he wants to make America safe, but isn’t is suspicious that NONE OF THE AGENCIES HE IS CUTTING ARE CALLED FEMA??

Now, I’m sure you want to know what we can do about this. The FIRST STEP, my brothers and sisters, is getting THE WORD out. Talk to your friends about the terrible false flag creators called FEMA. Share this post. Start signing your restaurant checks with “Watch Out For FEMA.”

For more information about EVIL GOVERNMENT PLANS, follow on Facebook at Lizard People of NY or Twitter @realTruthBang. Comments

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