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I have seen firsthand how liberals have lost their way!

Even with all my SMARTS, all my MONEY and my WILLINGNESS TO SAY NICE THINGS WHILE HOLDING THE DOOR open for her, that girl Elizabeth Spencer who goes to the local university and Marched with the Women has betrayed her supposed socialist beliefs. She has refused to have sex with or even go on a date with me.

But that’s not the real problem. I’m a true feminist, after all, not a feminazi.

The problem is that she’s had sex with EVERYONE ELSE!

I’ve seen her going around town alone with two different men, and going by the relationship principle of icebergs (that you only see TEN PERCENT of what’s there), that means she’s been dating at least twenty since I first met her two months ago. Several times I’ve seen her go out with groups of men, groups of women, or groups of men AND women. TYPICAL socialist group sex behavior. Her liberal fuck buddies have always excluded me. They’ve hypocritically refused to pay their share and buy me drinks when I introduced myself. THIS is why they lose!  


Elizabeth Spencer is so brainwashed by her propaganda she doesn’t even listen to it. She doesn’t even realize that going out with other people who are, in some cases, so much fatter or dumber than me is clearly sexually harassing me by directly insulting my attractiveness and masculinity. Despite the LIP SERVICE that socialist liberals pay against bullying, she either doesn’t realize the harm she’s causing to my feelings with all this public dating or doesn’t care. Admittedly some of the other women I’ve seen her with have been pretty hot, but that’s not an acceptable apology. Especially since those other women didn’t act like Socialists are SUPPOSED to either

Like any GOOD journalist I am currently monitoring her Facebook page, Twitter page, Instagram, mailbox, and garbage for more information on this. I will keep posting about this situation as it develops.

For more information about LIBERALISM GONE TOO FAR, follow on Facebook at Lizard People of NY or Twitter @realTruthBang. Comments

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