No One Liked My Throwback Thursday: Is Facebook Attacking White People?

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I re-posted a photo of our PRO gun, PRO god, PROud AMERICAN party from last year and the REVERSE RACISTS at Facebook SILENCED me.

­Over the past few years, the quality of Facebook has gone down hill. Facebook used to be great. Now the soul eating libtards cover it wall to wall with vaginas, plants and big government articles. There are non-stop SJW events and Pro-Palisrael groups. From time to time, I go back on to update myself on whatever garbage has been posted.

I got a notification of a memory from last year. We had an awesome time at my friend Tim’s gun range birthday party. I decide to repost it. #me #summer #friends #throwbackthursday #tbt #keepcalmandcarryone #blackgunsmatter… Just some plain innocent fun. I did not know the horrors of the recently updated reformist website. You will not believe what happened next.

10 minutes go by. Then 1 hour. 1 day later…


We need to face the facts. Facebook is clearly using facial recognition to weed out white people. Their liberal techies are abusing their power and using our personal information. The technology is ahead of us and is helping the other side. WAKE UP! We are no longer being equally judged on social media. They’re twisting the narrative to DISCREDIT our voices!


There has to be a motive. Think about it:

Who uses Facebook? YOUNG PEOPLE

Who do young people listen to? People with a lot of LIKES on Facebook.

The shocking truth is right there! Facebook tech nerds RIGGED the site so that important white voices like my own don’t get the chance to influence the next generation. The brain dead youth will follow anything with a fan base. If my photos gain attention, what’s stopping me from taking power? Whites are being dethroned by the computer dorks. These geeks are seeking chaos and destruction.

They can deny it all they want. I can see right through them. We need to protect ourselves from the liberal loving left wing social media monster.

A central myth in the leftist cannon is that whites in America aren’t at constant risk. What next? No more pokes? Someone deletes me? Then the DEATH of ALL white people?? It’ll be a horrible nightmare brought to life by the mainstream Facebook media.

For more information about FACEBOOK’S WHITE GENOCIDE, follow on Facebook at Lizard People of NY or Twitter @realTruthBang. Comments

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