SHOCKING: Mosque Near MY HOME Has Child Terrorist Training Facility

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These RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISTS are not longer operating in the shadows and under the cover of night: I’ve seen them “PLAYING” on their JUNGLE GYMS.

A Mosque near my home, and less than ONE HALF MILE from an elementary school, has brazenly assembled a obstacle course for training child terrorists to install Sharia Law in America.

I make sure to circle the compound-like Mosque every day on my morning walk for signs of suspicious activity and to my shock & awe I found what I can only call a boot camp for youthful combatants erected overnight under the guise of being a “day care center”. Well I ain’t buying it.

This so-called day care calls itself the Lil’ Al’Atfal Muslim Center. LIL? You mean like ISIL? And who is this Al’Atfal? A Muslim leader our government won’t tell us about? Google translate says it means ‘children’ so obviously ISIS has hacked out translating software.

I watched the children as they flaunted their militaristic training in front of my eyes; honing their endurance via monkey bars, their agility via a balance beam, and strength by forcing one another to ascend a slide in reverse. They even performed an exercise where one of the children was seemingly labeled a suicide bomber and the other children would practice fleeing from him.


Here is a breakdown of what I found:


A. Canopy for sniper and aerial assault training
B. Surprise attack chute
C. Balance and maneuvering
D. Jungle tactics
E. Cave dwelling acclimation
F. Secret communica decoding panel
G. Weapons cache?
H. Unsure but suspicious
I. Reconnaissance
J. Swingset

I stood by the fence staring at these little children for a good 20 minutes and took tons of photos. And you know what happened next?! A group of adults saw me, they ran out and rushed the children inside because they knew I discovered their secret.

Then the POLICE STATE arrived and told me to leaving saying I was the suspicious one! Yeah suspicious of being a HERO!

For more information about YOUNG TERRORIST TRAINING, follow on Facebook at Lizard People of NY or Twitter @realTruthBang. Comments

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