MOUNTAIN OF LIES: Republican Presidents MISSING From Mount Rushmore

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It’s no secret that the liberal left has taken over RUSHMORE and you already know that the ARTISTS are hopeless communist swindlers trying to TAKE our freedom and FORCE their agendas down our throats.

Mount Rushmore, the carved mountainside in South Dakota meant to show off the faces and assert the strength of our nation’s presidents is MISSING 16 REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTS. Absolutely disgusting that the LIBERAL LEFTISTS would completely disrespect our REPUBLICAN presidents and only include four presidents faces in the mountain.

Now I’m not saying they should ONLY have republicans, which they should because the Republican Party is the only one that TRULY values LIBERTY, but this is a line that has been crossed and makes me truly afraid for the future of our nation.

I did some research. Something the LEFT refuses to do because they WANT to stay IGNORANT to the FACTS and found out that Mount Rushmore was carved in 1941. That means that the SOCIALISTS have been CARVING and TEARING into the AMERICAN FLAG just like they’re carving into our mountains


Is this what Reagan would’ve wanted? They might as well give John Hinkely Jr. The MEDAL OF HONOR. Can you believe that Mount Rushmore has existed for OVER 70 years and the AMERICAN government has refused to carve Reagan’s inspiring face into the monument the ENTIRE time? It’s sickening.

You want even more PROOF that the mountain has literally fallen to liberals? Donald Tump isn’t even up there! HE’S THE PRESIDENT RIGHT NOW and NOBODY is saying anything about it because they’ve been brainwashed.

FAKE NEWS at its finest, blatantly IGNORING the majority of presidents, trying to convince us that only OBAMA is the only president ever because you know how much the media liked him. Every time I go into a “rough neighborhood” they have all kinds of time to paint HUSSEIN OBAMA on the sides of their buildings but MY COUNTRY chooses to IGNORE MY PRESIDENTS in a NATIONAL LANDMARK?


And I’m not one to get into petty things like this but everyone knows that Ronald Reagan is the American standard for the perfect man, it makes ZERO sense that an artist would sculpt any face other than his.

This just goes to prove that the LIBERALS want AMERICA to go the way of Ancient Greece, carving naked men with reckless abandon, forcing US to look at it and just waiting out the days until our CIVILIZATION collapses.

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