FACT: Girls Pee Out Of Their Butts

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SORRY LIEBERALS: I don’t trust the AGENDA you push in your public school “HEALTH” classes because I know the truth: GIRLS PEE OUT THEIR BUTTS.

I have it on good authority from medical professionals that wish to remain anonymous that what we were “taught” in the LIEberal public school system about anatomy is wholly inaccurate. According to my sources, what we suspected all along is actually true… Girls pee out of their butts.  

An independent panel of male doctors who are not influenced by Big Tampon spent the past 3 years researching the female anatomy only to come to a SHOCKING. According to anatomical drawings from the late 18th century when medicine was a MAN’S PROFESSION and not subjected to government regulation, women’s fluid excretion is shown to be wildly different than a man’s.


Alternative doctor, Dr. Alan Judson, B.A., discovered what he calls The Judson Canal, a narrow tubular passage that runs from the bladder to the anus.  “While we were not able to examine any actual females for this research,” posted Dr. Judson on his blog, “but we do know that this anatomical difference makes women weaker & less intelligent than men, more prone to emotional outbursts, and very gossipy.”

So I am sorry to any snowflakes that want to believe the vagina is used for anything but male sexual-satisfaction and baby-making but science now proves what I have known to be truth since the 3rd grade.

This revolutionary teams of scientists are now exploring the possibility that women do not actually excrete waste and that their periods are actually a VOLUNTARY action.

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