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Why do we keep letting ELITES run this country through sheer NEPOTISM?! Truth Bang has unlocked the ULTIMATE CONSPIRACY: Every single President of these United States has lived in THE. SAME. EXACT. HOUSE.

President’s Day was just a few months ago (but you’d never know that if the liberal calendar makers had their way), and, much like the People’s President, I wanted to take a day off.

But I couldn’t. Because I kept hearing all sorts of “outrage” in the MSM about Trump spending his holiday at Mar-A-Lago, his personal resort. “The taxpayers already paid for Camp David. Why can’t he just go there?”

Does this sound familiar? It sure did to me. Because, if you recall, people said the same things about Melania and Barron Trump staying in Trump Tower in New York instead of Washington. “Every other President and First Family stayed in Washington. Why can’t they just do the same thing?”

So I dug a little deeper. I looked at all Presidents and First Families who led our great nation, from William Henry Harrison’s 32-day term all the way to Fartlin Delimeat Roosevelt’s “Raw Deal” reign lasting almost 4,500 days. And, wouldn’t you know it, a pattern began to emerge.



I can hear you right now. “Who cares? What’s the big deal? I live in my house, you live in yours, and entitled WELFARE CUCKS suckling at the teat of Mom & Pop Workingman live on government subsidies in their Washington MANSIONS. That’s how it’s always been, and that’s how it’ll always be.”

Let me break it down for you.

If this is true (there is NO history book that even tries to cover it up, or omits it. Seriously, go look it up), that means that EVERY. SINGLE. PRESIDENT. slept in the same bedroom. Used the same office. Watched West Wing from the same West Wing. So, any socialist terrorists, any double-agents, any KGB from as far back as the War of 1812* wouldn’t even have to TRY to infiltrate. The infrastructure would already be there, AND it would only get better with time.

Maybe Trump knows something we don’t, huh? He is the President, after all. I would think he’s got a better idea of what’s going on than Joe Peabody at the New York Crimes or Jane Pulitzer of the Boston Grope.

Plus, Trump is the FIRST president to break from that taxpayer-dependant monstrosity. He said all throughout his campaign he’d find ways to lessen the tax burden on the people, and WHOA he’s actually sticking to it by STAYING IN HIS OWN HOME(S)! THE NERVE!

If DJT knows what’s good for him, he’ll stay away from the White House forever.

*James Madison was the only President smart enough to let the White House burn down in 1814. Every President after has been compromised. WAKE UP.

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