MAKE GOVERNMENT SMALLER: Donald Trump’s Plan For A One Man Government

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FINALLY: a President willing to fight for SMALL GOVERNMENT (by making himself the only one with power)!

As a moderate conservative I have always been in support of small government. Small federal government specifically. Historically, local governments tend to know what they’re doing— specifically in places like the South, the Midwest, and of course Texas.

Thank God (the CHRISTIAN God for all you ‘coexist’ bumper sticker owners out there) for President Trump who works every day to decrease the size of our overbearing federal government. He’s taken care of government overreach in the form of neutralizing the EPA, the gay agenda in public schools and soon by cracking down on state-legalized marijuana.

I think it’s obvious that The Donald is inching closer and closer to the ultimate form of small government: a ONE MAN government.

Just look at the signs— media suppression, pitting a majority of citizens against various minority groups, casting out executive orders to give himself unchecked power. Pretty soon Donald Trump will have this whole country running on ultimate efficiency when a single man holds all decision making power. For someone who loves small government, this is beautiful.


But don’t let the libtards fool you (sorry PC police, I meant libspecialneeds), this is not what every dictator in history did to rise to power.

The key difference? Those guys were FOREIGN while Trump is AMERICAN.


Donald’s plan uses AMERICAN grown methods to accumulate power. I mean, what’s more American than subprime mortgage loans? Hitler had journalists killed. Mr. Trump has them shamed. Now that’s American.

But most importantly, Donald Trump is a guy I trust. A guy I look at like a dad. Someone strong and powerful who makes you feel safe. And when I tell him about the Israeli nanobots implanted in my brain by Zionists for being TOO TRUTHFUL, he wouldn’t dismiss his own 42 year old son. He’d sit me down, look me in the eyes, and tell me how proud he is of me— he’d respect me. YOU HEAR THAT DAD?!


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