INSIDE JOB: I Typed 9/11 Into My Phone and a STRANGE WOMAN Answered

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Longtime readers of this site may have heard a thing or two about an event called 9/11. Its secrets are as dark as they are nefarious, and I am doing everything to UNCOVER THE TRUTH. And BOY HOWDY do I have a BOMBSHELL.

One of the tricks up the truth seeker’s sleeve is something I call GOING WITH MY GUT. Sometimes THEY like to hide secrets in plain site. It’s how THEY get their kicks. I realized that 9/11 was made of numbers, and on thing you can do with numbers is PUT THEM INTO A PHONE.  Maybe THEY were hiding something about 9/11 in my phone?


Here’s what happened next. After dialing 9-1-1, I was IMMEDIATELY answered by the voice of a mysterious, ghost-like WOMAN. She kept asking me who I was, where I was, and WHAT I NEEDED HELP WITH. I do not divulge information about my personhood to any government representative, so you can bet she didn’t get any answers. I slammed my index finger into the “hang up” button like a javelin missile.

What happened next WAS TERRIFYING. Moments later, government vehicles dotted the scene. First a cop car, then a fire department (WASTE-OF-MY-TAXES) truck! THEY WERE LOOKING FOR ME. Luckily, I keep a handy folded newspaper with eyes holes cut into it in my back-left pocket at all times. I was able to safely observe them without being found out.


Here’s the facts: it looks like one of the great secrets of 9/11 has been staring us in the face for years. It’s time to find a burner phone and figure this out. What does it all MEAN?!!

For more information about this 9/11 SECRETS, follow on Facebook at Lizard People of NY or Twitter @realTruthBang. Comments

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