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Is this a whole new side of PIZZA GATE that we haven’t even seen yet? Chuck E. Cheese is FORCING KIDS to play with RAINBOW BALLS.

I’m sure a lot of you out there have children, our movement is built on family values which is why I am DISGUSTED to inform you of the HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA taking place at one of the last safe havens for our children.

Anyone been to a Chuck E. Cheese lately? I went and I WILL NOT be going back. What I thought was a place to bring children to eat delicious pizza and play video games is actually a GAY CONVERSION FACILITY. I walked in to not only see swarms of children giggling like you know how the gays do, but they were piling on top of each other, grabbing each other screaming, they’d lost their minds.

Then it hit me, those so called “play places” they have are full of RAINBOW BALLS and TUBES. Think about it, seeing all those poor innocent children being forcefully plunged into a pit of gay rainbow balls! It’s like they’re being baptized into the cult that is homosexuality. On top of that those rainbow tubes that seem like so much fun to those corrupt kids? I don’t want to say it but the TRUTH is that they look like PENISES, CUCK E. CHEESE has turned on us, giving our poor little boys DESIRES to crawl around PENISES and make our little girls into PROSTITUTES.

So long Coca-Cola and pizza, Chuck, or as I call him “CUCK MOUSE 2.0” (only after Mickey) is trying to get our baby boys to snort COCAINE of some GAY GUY’S NIPPLES.


Don’t even get me started on the menu there either. The CUCKS have totally controlled the menu, they have carrot sticks and WATER to drink, what is this CUCKDONALDS? I know that DICTATOR SUPREME MICHELLE HUSSEIN OBAMA has got to be behind this. She won’t stop until our children lose all their freedom to eat delicious food and the parents lose their ability to feed their children how they see fit!

As always with our movement, the LIBERALS wanted to REPRESS the TRUTH, and just as I was making all my realizations, about to uncover more and more those CUCKS asked me to leave and even CALLED SECURITY to FORCE OUT THE TRUTH. They have some BS liberal mumbo-jumbo policy about adults being there without a child just looking around. That’s just further proof that they’ve got MORE to HIDE, because they won’t let a LONE PATRIOT like myself into their facility alone. The parents taking their kids there were just as BRAINWASHED too, they’re the ones that whistleblew because they didn’t want me exposing myself as a patriot to their CUCK BABIES.

So beware next time you get an invite to CUCK E. CHEESE, that company and every parent holding a birthday party there is trying to make OUR CHILDREN GAY.

For more information about RAINBOW GAY AGENDAS, follow on Facebook at Lizard People of NY or Twitter @realTruthBang.


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