What Isn’t Chelsea Clinton Telling Us About 1998 “Rush Hour” Kidnappings?

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Put another scandal on the board for the Clintons. This one could be bigger than Benghazi.

In the original investigation of the 1998 “Rush Hour” kidnapping, POC special agent James Carter spells out ONE name: Chelsea Clinton. The first and only known demon-spawn of Shillary and Slick Willie Clinton.

Watch the documentary footage of the hostage negotiation below.

“Man, who you think you kidnapped, Chelsea Clinton?!”

That is some serious codewords folks. Anyone who has ever valued a blue life will know that that translates directly to “Chelsea Clinton Is Our Main Suspect.” You don’t even need to be an operator in the forces to know that one! All the indicators are right there.


If that’s not bad enough, imagine how China feels about this. They have to watch Chelsea Clinton run for president (it’s gonna happen, folks!) knowing that she still has their Consul’s daughter chained up in the basement of a Comet Ping Pong, only being let out when someone orders the “Sushi Pizza” (WHICH IS ALSO CODE FOR UNSPEAKABLE CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN)

Even more disturbing? Chelsea Clinton was born in 1980, which means she was BARELY AN ADULT when she pulled this stunt off. Imagine how powerful she has become in the years since — especially if she has been harvesting life force from the Consul’s daughter, which is obviously likely considering her mom’s connection to John Podesta and his goat blood fetish that PROBABLY INVOLVES CHILDREN.

So why hasn’t there been a full scale investigation? Probably because Mommy and Daddy have been pulling the strings on the whole world. That’s why Hillary lost the election, she didn’t have enough time to dedicate to her campaign because she is constantly making sure her demonic daughter isn’t kidnapping more important members of the Chinese government.

Not anymore, people. It’s time for President Trump to launch a full scale investigation before these leeches snake their way back into power. I suspect Chelsea will be ready to make a seriously play for the presidency by 2020. If she ever steps foot in the oval office — well, it’d be time for Consuls to start hiding their daughters.

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